Giant Squid

perhaps, giant squid is the most mysterious creature in the Ocean , with its strange head that ends with something like parrot's beak, and its body which looks like a torpedo, and the long arms which ends with strong absorbers used to capture the prey and squeeze it.  Giant squid  preys almost anything under its arms range except vegetative materials.

Giant squid belongs to mollusks species such as octopus and may grows to eighteen meters and up to thirty meters.

Its favorite area is there in the deep water and it rarely appears on the surface .It moves in the same way that jet plane does, by spewing large batches of water in front of its body
using its absorbing device, and when it has to test its strength in front of its sworn enemy,  the sperm whale, it uses the traditional stock of its confidential weapon, the famous stream of ink which covers its withdrawal. This giant squid has many colors, ranges between green and  beatitudes red.

 From time to time we hear about giant squid dropped by a mysterious waves on the beach and there are many theories to explain this, perhaps the tide or stream certain changes in the sea is responsible for that. In its struggle against the sperm whale, and with using its famous secret ink which makes the water very dark, almost every time giant squid ends defeated in this battle...