Great White Shark

Amazing Facts about The Great White Shark 

There are approximately 350 species of sharks .. Only thirty of which pose a threat to humans.. Among these species, 4 types are considered the most dangerous shark types in the world .. On top of this terrorist band is The Great White Shark 

The Great White Shark

Great white shark located in both warm and cold water, near the shores and also in deep water up to more than 700 meters.

The reason for the white shark labeling back to the whiteness in the ventral part, while the dorsal part is light gray and sometimes between blue and gray.

The Great White Shark

Great white shark has no bone inside it's body .. The internal structure is made up of cartilage.

Permanent movement due continuous swimming allow water to enter the shark gills to get necessary oxygen for life, and the kidney is very large, and filled with large quantities of oils to help the body to float.

The Great White Shark

The average length of this shark is between 2 to 3 meters, could grow up to 6 meters. weight up to 3 tons! ! and live up to 14 years.

Great white shark. Has two rows of very sharp triangular teeth, making it easier to cut up the prey. Old teeth replaced by new teeth regularly, and new teeth is hidden inside the jaws and difficult to be seen.

The Great White Shark tooth

Shark skin combines the power and flexibility, and consists of very small scales. it has tremendous ability of quick healing wounds.

White shark depends on the sense of smell more than other senses, so it smell blood from long distance

The Great White Shark

It feeds on fish and small sharks, and big prey like, sea lion, small whales, dolphins nad turtles, as well as dead animals and floating on the surface of the sea, and remnants of ships .

Great White Shark Attacking

White sharks tend to attack prey from the bottom and cut a large part of it's body, leaving the prey lose their energy from the severity of bleeding. The speed of it's pounce on the prey is about 40 kilometers per hour.

Great White Shark Jumping

Its teeth are sold for high prices of up to ten thousand dollars for a single tusk, where used by some as beautiful necklaces. Also, some areas of Africa and East Asia, the big teeth used as headings for spears and arrows.

The Great White Shark Teeth

Skins are used in making footwear, bags and leather wallets for men and women, as it's found that shark skin is 7 to 11 times stronger than the the cowhide. 

There is a big demand in the countries of East and Southeast Asia for shark meat and it's fins soup is popular and expensive.

Since the late fifties of the twentieth century, sharks were used extensively in scientific research. Medical researchers and interested in your immune sharks as the sharks not previously infected with a cancerous tumor, and hope to discover what protects sharks of the disease.

Great White Shark

Due to the large shark fishing, it is now protected from hunting in South Africa, Namibia, Australia, Malta, the states of California and Florida.