Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thrilling Story Of The Ocean

A wonderful real story about a shark saves lost diver from a certain death! 
 Told by the diver himself…

A shark saves lost diver from a certain death!

I used with two friends of mine to go diving and fishing twice a month, in this day we went late because I had to finish work, we registered our names in the office of the border guards and estimated our returning time by 07:00 pm on the same day, we went by boat to an area which is about 20 km from the land and arrived about 12:30 PM. We tried to fix the anchor but it took several times because of the strong waves. Although, I had traumatic experience several years ago when the anchor had separated and hardly survived after 5 hours of continuous swimming, we were too excited so we did not leave any one of us in the boat and thought that we had enough experience, so we all went under the water. Waves were very strong that day and after about 40 minutes of diving and fishing we went back to the boat to rest, checked again the stability of the anchor then went down to the second dive at 3:30 p.m., and asked one of us to dive close to the anchor.

Nemo Coral Reef

After 30 minutes we found that the anchor has detached, we were so scared and had to wait two minutes in order to achieve the pressure before going up, when I reached the surface, I heard my friend screaming: The boat!!
Which was, 300 meters away…? Directly, came to mind my last experience that occurred 5 years ago and how I was hardly able after 5 hours of continuous swimming to reach the boat. Once again, my confidence of my experience has tricked me, but I relies that the situation this time is quite different, the waves are more stronger, and last time  the anchor that was hanging to the boat was hitting the rocks which slowed down it's movement, but this time there are no rocks or coral reefs, but only open sea and strong waves and without any thinking, and in order to save every minute, I threw away pasteurization diving buoyancy and cylinder air-gun and started swimming in the direction of the boat with all my strength, it was about 04:00 pm but soon realized that the waves were different This time, after one hours of swimming, the distance between me and the boat did not change, and after one more hours (at six) I realized that the task will not be easy, the distance between me and the boat were increasing...

Coral Reef

Soon the darkness swallowed every trace of the boat; I even lost my friends… I stopped swimming and started blaming myself … Three lives are about to go because of a fatal error like this ... How this can happen?? What's ridiculous that the man loses his life in this way …, and started praying and asking God to save me…
Do not ask me how I did not panic and fear at that time, me myself was not known, it was mercy from God and kindness, I had to keep in swimming, waves were very high and stoping swimming meant of drowning and I had no swimming suite helping me to float above the water… for the first time in my life I saw the stars so clear and the moon was so nice… That night for the first time in my life I felt that I am only a drop in the ocean, not so different than any other thing which does not have any weight… I remembered my friends, I tried to scream, may be they were close, but nobody answered…I was able to see the city lights from a long distance so I decided to swim in that direction but after hours of effort, I found I was not getting any headway distance between me and the lights, the  sea currents brought me back to where I started and direction of the wind were taking me to the port in which the danger to my life because of the large ships which would crushed me if I entered their region.
I began asking God with top of my voice in supplication and prayer focus, I reviewed in my mind very quickly all the years of my life, my hands were paddling with all their forces for the fear of drowning and my heart was beating very fast and the hope of surviving started to disappear...


After that, my ability to endure started to disappear, I felt absolute despairI closed my eyes and began to drown ...

Coral Reef

Suddenly, something hit me hard, I opened my eyes to see a very large shark swimming aground meI was terrified of its frightening appearance and its huge sharp teeth .. The Adrenaline flowed in my bodywhich gave me fantastic energy and the tiredness of my body suddenly gone...
Coral Reef

Shark kept swimming next to me to realize after a while that it was not intending to eat me.,. It remained swimming next to me for several hours and that kept me awake..
Ocean Turtle

Suddenly I heard a voice which was as music for mevoice of boat engine coming toward me.. I started waving with my hands and screaming.. antil they found me.. They were the Coast Guard who told me later that I had moved away a lot and they almost lost hope of finding me ..

Today after many years of this story, I still remember those moments that cannot be removed from my mind... I still remember that shark that was sent by God to save me

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